Friday, June 19, 2009

Skinny Bitch to Phat Girl & Back(Soon)

Okay, so here is my story. I have always been the "skinny bitch"! Yes, the one everyone hates who ate whatever she wanted and never gained a pound......till now! I guess it catches up with us, whatever, but the muffin tops appeared, it was impossible to be comfortable in a pair of jeans, and I was feeling worse about my physical appearance than ever before. I was in complete and total denial that I was gaining weight. Okay - well not complete - but for some reason the chocolate bar and ice cream that have always been so kind to me? Surely they aren't turning on me now!! I know......I'll blame those darn kids! Never a weight problem till these 2 kids came along!! :-)

So, when my friend at work (one of the people who has/had referred to me as "skinny bitch" - with Phat girl love of course), said she wanted to join WW's, but would like to join with a friend, I said - "what the heck".

So................we joined. And something crazy happened.....I lost 4 lbs the first week!! WOW!! That felt kinda good.......not to mention, I felt better than I had in a while, my pants weren't quite so tight, and my spirits were high! But let me tell you, those nasty habits that I developed are hard to break - I mean how do you break up with your best friends - Hershey and that sweet Blue Bunny after such a long......kind relationship (I thought we were friends?? *tear*). I know...........poor me, I ate what I wanted and stayed skinny *boo*, but really, it's been an adjustment.

But now I'm eating healthy, exercising, and feeling great!

Friends and support are the best way! I would have given up after a week if not for the support of my friend. And I'm looking forward to continuing a healthy lifestyle (not to mention shedding the rest of my Phat) with all of you!


  1. Welcome to the journey!! Good luck!
    <3 jen

  2. Welcome to Weight Watchers and your new journey! Congrats on the four lbs!!!!

  3. Wooo! Congrats on losing 4 pounds!

    Best of luck in your weight loss journey.

    Keep up the amazing job! :D