Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so its my day off. The first of a FIVE day weekend actually. This is the inspiration of my blog this week. Lets just say that my workplace is "competitive" no...... that's not even a good word for it. Everyone needs/has to know everyone else's business and everyone will compare their situation to yours and inevitably decide that they are getting "screwed" in comparison.

So, today, on the 1st day of my vacation, I get several concerned texts/calls about me being gone for a week and oh no - oh no. Huh?? Basically someone in my office took it upon themselves to tell everyone that "needs me" that I will infact be gone until basically forever in her mind! (this is the same person who, when she heard that I had lost 15 lbs - looked me up and down like I was disgusting).

This really got me thinking about the things I can and cannot control. Why was I feeling guilty about being gone? I often work 13-15 hour days, well into the evening, when everyone else goes home at 5! So, why was I letting this one person bother me so much and take the enjoyment out of my vacation? *staring at a box of cupcakes!!*

I spent most of the day going over these feelings, and realizing that I need to really take control of my OWN life and not worry about what others think about what I'm doing or how I'm doing it. I've spent too long worrying about what others are saying or thinking about my actions!

Prior to starting my weightloss/exercise program, I was consumed with pleasing everyone at work, at home, in life. Well.........its my turn baby! I'm doing this all for ME ME ME!!

So...... here are some goals that I have set for myself (inspired by my twitter community :-).

I'm totally gonna tackle the heathy eating even when eating out with my beautiful sista @teetee_71!! And this won't be easy! My husband (skinny butt - as we call him) LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat out. When we go on vaca, he doesn't spend hours on the internet researching no......he spends hours and hours researching where we are going to eat!! :-)

Next...I am going to work on not letting others (and what I really think are their self-esteem issues) affect my life, I will live my life for me! I WILL set the tone for my day and I WILL NOT let anyone or anything make me feel bad about it. I will ignore the negativity of others and seak solice in the things that I enjoy, ultimately making the most out of the day I have made and not the day that people want to hand me - I will eat healthy, I will work out, I will vacation!!

Third, I am going to "mix up" my exercise routine. Since joining the twitter community, I've seen all of the different workouts that people are doing and it has inspired me to spice mine up, which is difficult with a full time job and two kids, you get stuck in a routine - and the thought of messing with that routine, sometimes sends me to negative thoughts of slowing down my progress instead of positive thoughts of making the time I spend working out and taking care of myself more fun.

So, this July, 2009, I WILL work towards living a positive life, loving myself and what I do, and working to enjoy every day! You know I'll count on all the tweeters I've met who are so full of inspiration and joy to get me thru! Tweet on!!


  1. I am loving your goals for July!

    My favorite is "I will live my life for me!" Good for you! It is so easy to let someone's negativity ruin your day. Glad to see you won't be letting them!

    Mixing up your exercise routine is a great idea! I try to mix my exercises up often.

    Best of luck to you in the month of July.

    Thank you for all your support you have given me these past couple of weeks. I would be lost with you and the others!

  2. While reading your blog I just kept nodding up and down saying uh huh! I can relate to much of what you wrote! I deal with a darling (who is just as big as I am) and her comments all the time! Some how her weight is ok and mine is not!
    I am going to continue to read your blog and I hope you join mine I would love to support each other through our weight loss!