Thursday, August 27, 2009

My "Piece of Cake" Surgery & what REALLY happened!!

It's no big secret, I am a TERRIBLE patient! I hate down time. One day, I can handle, even enjoy, but today when I still wasn't feeling up to going back to work or basically doing ANYTHING, it has started to take a toll on me!

On Tuesday I had a laporoscopy. My 3rd one to be exact. The first two were before my beautiful babies were born and were to diagnose and remove endometriosis. Well, after all these years, the pain was back, so round three here I came!

I had told my boss what a piece of cake this surgery was - two days off MAX! Luckily I was prepared for more & I have the best boss ever.

So the surgery was basically okay - good news was scar tissue (probably from C-sections, or just preganancy in general), and removal of a nodule? (not sure about this yet, but basically not to worry - per Dr. should help with the pain I was having in my lower left abdomen & my lower back). But the Endometriosis was NOT back! Maybe a 4th surgery isn't in my future!

But, I should have known right after I woke up that this would NOT be a piece of cake. I woke up in the recovery room with the WORST headache imaginable - but a little morphine and some dimmed lights took care of that! LOL!

Then WTH?? I had a FAT LIP! Yep - I was beaten during surgery!-LOL I'm not talking a little swollen, I'm talking freaked out Nurse swollen - & 3 calls from the anesthesiologist swollen! But about 5 icepacks later swelling went down and a-ok!

Then there is what I was prepared for - the SORE shoulders - OMG - you don't understand, it is excruciating! I have been sitting up or walking around for the past 3 days. Laying down is impossible - someone may as well put the death grip on you if you try to lay down! But like I said, I was prepared for this - same thing with the first two surgeries - the surgeon uses a gas to inflate my belly - this same gas is what gives me the terrible shoulder pains afterward. Yeah, I don't get it either, why couldn't I just have to fart or burp the gas out? At least I'd have alone recoup time!!

And then, throw in more of the unexpected, before cuddling up on the couch with my 8 pillows to keep me upright, while getting as comfortable as possible, I had these little blisters all over my hands and in between my fingers - "eh? - who knows" - well, I woke up with a.m. with hands that looked like they belonged to the Michelin Man! Swollen at least 2 x's their regular size - SERIOUSLY?? - WTH??!! So, not to work did I go, but back to the Dr. for a new pain med prescription!

So, I'm thinking there is very little left that can happen! (knock on wood)

So, how did I get through this week, when I'm such a terrible "down time" person?

Instead of reaching for the bag of cookies in the cupboard (which are still unopened btw!), I turned on my phone or opened the laptop. Even if I didn't feel like participating, there was always an entertaining, humerous, or loving conversation that I could follow along with.

At a time, when the bad stuff just kept piling up, I had a group of people to turn to - a group of people who, everytime I looked at my phone or computer were asking how I was doing, sending me virtual ((HUGS)) and, oh yeah, making me laugh and smile all day long!

So thank you to all my Twitter Friends!! I love you, I feel you in my heart and holding my hand even though you are all miles away, and I will forever cherish you all!!


  1. Sorry for what you have been through, I wish I could take some of the pain for you.

    You are on the road to recovery....take great care of yourself. We will be here for you always. Hugs!

  2. I honestly don't think anything else can happen to ya. You really have had quite an eventful recovery, LoL

    So sorry that you went through so much pain and puffiness. Hoping you are feeling better, if not I might have to come there and kick your doctor's butt for not fixing you! I might be only 5'1...but I am one tough cookie, LoL :)

    Feel better soon, Gorgeous! We all love ya and wish you a speedy recovery.

  3. sounds like some bad allergic reactions to medications. so sorry you had to go through that. And I know about that shoulder pain after a laparscopic surgery. Not fun. I hope you are feeling better really soon! Good for you that you didn't dive into a box of cookies!