Friday, January 8, 2010

Rethink Your Shrink Challege: Project ME

So, one week into the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge and it has been a challenge thats for sure! This is my 3rd snow day and I gotta say I've had about all the snow days I can handle for the moment (although I'll probaby be wishing for one next week).

So the first project is Project ME! So I spent the week thinking about this past year and what it has meant to ME. Some of you know my story, most of you don't, so I'll just recap a bit:

In April of 2009, with spring in full swing, I had a epiphany.....(I guess you'd call it that). "Geez, I feel uncomfortable, I hate my clothes (or my body in my clothes), I feel sluggish, and lazy". So that was it. All my life (sorry in advance) I've been able to eat whatever I wanted and not worry about it a bit! Full fat/full calorie - our fridge had NEVER seen "light" mayo or cream cheese - in fact the "lightest" thing in our fridge was 2% milk! LOL! But now all of a sudden, it seemed it was all changing, so I decided to take control!

I joined Weight Watchers with a co-worker online, and we tracked, exercised, and weighed in together each week. A few months later I had lost 20 lbs! YAY! And that was all great....but the best part?.........I finally started recognizing the food (empty calories) I had been putting into my body. The lack of appropriate fruits and veggies, and began to see food in a different way!

I was exercising alone and with friends and loving every minute! So, thats what worked for me in 2009! And that's the path I'm still on (all-be-it I was slightly derailed over the holidays). I don't know that I have any stand out things that didn't work for me, so for now I'll keep on this path and evaluate it as I go!

That all said, I did not post a weigh in for the challenge on Wednesday of this week. :-( I don't have a scale at home, it's in my office, and as I mentioned, this is my third snow day in a row! But I'm confident that when I get on the scale I won't be disappointed! Maybe it won't be a huge loss, but I don't think there will be a gain for me either! So, I'll weigh as soon as I can and share with those in the Sisterhood then!

My challenges are going well! The working out hasn't panned out though, it is soooo cold here and the week has been so out of whack that I have allowed myself to use this as an excuse, but I'm not letting it get me down! I've been very proactive this week with everything else, so I'm counting it as a WIN!!

My other challenges were to try at least one new recipe a week, and to pre-plan my meals everyday the night before. I have followed up with these, infact, today I'll be making new recipe #3 for the week! The first two were Parmesan Tilapia, and Pulled Pork, both from and they were BOTH a hit for me and my family! Today I will be trying Creamy Baked Potato Soup, a recipe from @goingforgoal that sounds so easy & delish! These recipes have made my challenge of pre-planning my meals so much easier! I hate trying to decide what to have for supper, and new recipes definately make it much easier!

So, that is my week one - two blog posts wrapped into one (sort of). And as soon as I can do my weigh in, you'll be the first to know!!

love comin at ya - Jen


  1. I'm so proud of you!! You're doing great Jen! Let me know how the potato soup turns out! I'm struggling with these snow days too! No routine is not good for me!

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT week, Jenni!! The recipes sound delish!!! I know your story BUT it was awesome to hear it again and Celebrate how far you've come!!! One thing I'm learning about youi that I didnt know before......YOURE A GREAT BLOGGER!!!! Your post keep me entertained!! I Look forward to reading more!!! Keep up the Great work Jenni!!! I am soooooo Proud of you!!!
    Love ya lots
    Monique (@footdr69)

  3. Sounds like you are really doing great!!

    I am so, SO sick of this crappy weather. It's in the -30s today, so I skipped the gym and did EAS More Workouts instead!

  4. Keep going! Sounds like you're doing great!! :)

  5. sounds like you've found the right combo for you. hopefully it'll warm up for you some and you can hit the exercise again :)

  6. so you're one of THOSE!! HAHAHA! i wrote about my mom and my sister, they were the ones who never ever counted a single calorie in their lives because they didn't need to. I however am not like that. but that's ok, i'm one with it now! just took a while. anyhoo, enough about me!! congrats on your losses in '09 and the wonderful accomplishments you've had! I wish you many many more for 2010, i just know it's going to be a great year for you! You're already on the right path!

  7. I love ya Jen and you are a rockstar!! I am so glad you joined this challenge! I am so very proud that your are doing well despite being housebound for 3 days with sickies!!

    Keep on rocking!! You got this!!

    much love, Jen

  8. Sounds like you're doing fabulous! I'm so proud of you - even if you've been skinny all your life *wink* :)

  9. I love to hear that there isn't anything major that is holding you back...other than the snow! Don't rock the boat!

  10. You are doing great especially when the weather could be used as a huge excuse! Way to go girl!!

  11. Rethink Your Shrink... I like it. Sounds like something I ought to do as well. Thanks!