Monday, January 4, 2010

Rethink Your Shrink Challenge

Wow!! Two blog postings in two days!! ME!! I guess thats a pretty good start to the new year!

So my dear, sweet, wonderful friends have encouraged me to join the "RETHINK YOUR SHRINK" challenge! I can hardly turn away from a challenge! But as @jeepjenn so kindly reminded me (a couple times), goals are not really my thing!

Maybe I should clarify something however. There are certain goals that ARE my thing, like saying "I'm going to workout 5 x's a week" - not my thing, but saying "my goal is to increase my activity level so that I feel strong & great" - TOTALLY my thing! "I want to feel attractive in my body and feel good about the way I look (aka Bringin Sexy Back - eh Dr. Mo?), totally my thing! "I must get the scale to tell me that I way "X" pounds" - nope - you guessed it - NOT MY THING.

Maybe these things aren't "goals" exactly, but they keep me motivated and that is all that matters! And if I don't get to the gym on say Tuesday as I had planned, I do not feel defeated, like I've failed myself, instead, I look for the next time I can go!

So here are my "goals" for the challenge:

1) Increase my activity level. Right now, once a week would be an increase for me, but I plan to get back to the activity level that I had a couple of months ago, which was pretty much some kind of exercise everyday! Some days it was a walk, sometimes cardio, sometimes strength, but something each day that kept my body moving!
2) I really want to increase the types of healthy meals that I'm preparing. I think I was stuck in a rut food wise and felt like I was having the same thing every other day - this was definately a stalling point for me! So any recipes or links are welcomed and appreciated!! I will try at least 1 new recipe per week - minimum! Along with this, effective today I will track track track my food and activity!
3) And then I will set an ACTUAL goal! I will plan out my meals for the next day the night before! I have found this is the best way to make sure I stick to a plan and get the most food for my points allowed! (I just planned for tomorrow!)

THERE...............I did it.........3 goals just for ME!! That said, here comes the hard starting weight....166.6 lbs.


  1. Look at you sis! You're becoming a bloggin fool!! Just kiddin!! Those look like great goals for you!! Totally doable and even flexible if life gets in the way! If it ever quits snowing here we'll make it to the gym....until then we'll use the resources we got!! Love you!!

  2. Go Jenni, its your birthday!!! (Im such a big kid!!!! LOL!!! I'm so happy that you are participating!!!! One of the reasons is that it will force you to blog more!!! I love your blogs!!! This one made me giggle!!! I LOVE to giggle!!! I Love your goals, Jenni!! Let's rock this challenge!!!! Look out world.....Me and my 3 Jens (@phatbff, @BwJen, and @jeepjenn) are BRINGING SEXY BACK!!!! ;-)
    lOVE YA lOTS
    Dr. Mo

  3. Sounds like great goals! What is the Rethink Your Shrink challenge?